This documentation is for Dovecot v2.x, see wiki1 for v1.x documentation.
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= Passwd =

User is looked up using `getpwent()` call, which usually looks into `/etc/passwd` file, but depending on [ NSS] configuration it may also look up the user from eg. LDAP database.

Most commonly used as a user database. Many systems use shadow passwords nowadays so it doesn't usually work as a password database. BSDs are an exception to this, they still set the password field even with shadow passwords.

The lookup is by default done in the primary dovecot-auth process, so if NSS is configured to do the lookups from an external server, it slows down all the other authentications while waiting for the reply. To avoid that, you can use {{{blocking=yes}}} argument to do the lookups in auth worker processes:

# NOTE: v1.0.rc23 and later only
userdb passwd {
  args = blocking=yes

== nss_ldap ==

nss_ldap can in some cases return wrong user's information and cause users to log in as each others. With 1.0.rc23 and later you can fix this by using the {{{blocking=yes}}} setting as described above.

There's a nss_ldap bug about this in [ RedHat's Bugzilla].
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