This documentation is for Dovecot v2.x, see wiki1 for v1.x documentation.
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= Dovecot Design =

 * [[Design/Processes|Overview of Dovecot processes]]
 * [[Design/Indexes|Design of index files]]
  * [[Design/Indexes/MailIndexApi|API for accessing the index files]]
 * [[Design/AuthProcess|Design of authentication process]]
  * [[Design/AuthProtocol|Authentication protocol]]
 * [[Design/MailProcess|Design of IMAP/POP3 processes]]
 * [[Design/DoveadmProtocol|Doveadm server protocol]] and [[Design/DoveadmProtocol/HTTP|Doveadm HTTP server protocol]]
 * [[Design/Dsync|Doveadm synchronization]]

== Code APIs ==

 * [[Design/Code|Code design]] - explanations how and why the coding style is the way it is

Look at the *.h files for the actual API documentation. The documentation below doesn't attempt to list full API documentation.


 * [[Design/Memory|Memory allocations]]
 * [[Design/Buffers|Static/dynamic buffers]]
 * [[Design/Arrays|Dynamic arrays]]
 * [[Design/Strings|String handling]]
 * [[Design/InputStreams|Input streams]]
 * [[Design/OutputStreams|Output streams]]
 * [[Design/Plugins|Plugins]]


 * [[Design/Storage/MailUser|Mail user]] contains everything related to a single user.
 * [[Design/Storage/MailNamespace|Mail namespace]]: A single user can contain multiple [[Namespaces|namespaces]].
 * [[Design/Storage/MailboxList|Mailbox list]] is used to list/manage a list of mailboxes for a single namespace (1:1 relationship).
 * [[Design/Storage/MailStorage|Mail storage]] is used to access mails in a specific location with a specific mailbox format. Multiple namespaces can point to the same storage. A single namespace may in future (but not currently) point to multiple storages (e.g. a mixed mbox and Maildir directory).
 * [[Design/Storage/Mailbox|Mailbox]] is used to access a specific mailbox in a storage.
 * [[Design/Storage/Mail|Mail]] is used to access a specific mail in a mailbox.
 * [[Design/Storage/ErrorHandling|Error handling]].
 * [[Design/Storage/Plugins|Plugins]] - how to hook into lib-storage functions.
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