This documentation is for Dovecot v2.x, see wiki1 for v1.x documentation.
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= dbox configuration =

See [[MailboxFormat/dbox]] for a description of the dbox mailbox format. NOTE: '''You must not lose the dbox index files, they can't be regenerated without data loss'''.

== Mail location ==

dbox can be used in two ways:

 1. One message per file ('''single-dbox'''), similar to [[MailboxFormat/Maildir|Maildir]].
 1. Multiple messages per file ('''multi-dbox'''), but unlike [[MailboxFormat/mbox|mbox]] multiple files per mailbox.

To use '''single-dbox''', use the tag {{{sdbox}}} in the [[MailLocation|mail location]], for example:

# single-dbox
mail_location = sdbox:~/dbox

For backwards compatibility, {{{dbox}}} is an alias to {{{sdbox}}} in the mail location.

To use '''multi-dbox''', use the tag {{{mdbox}}} in the [[MailLocation|mail location]], for example:

# multi-dbox
mail_location = mdbox:~/mdbox

== Alternate storage ==

dbox has a feature for transparently moving message data to an [[MailboxFormat/dbox#Alternate_storage|Alternate storage]] area.

To specify an alternate storage area, use the {{{ALT}}} parameter in the mail location. For example, specifying the mail location as:

mail_location = mdbox:/var/vmail/%d/%n:ALT=/altstorage/vmail/%d/%n

will make Dovecot look for message data first under {{{/var/vmail/%d/%n}}}, and if it is not found there it will look under {{{/altstorage/vmail/%d/%n}}} instead.

Keep the unmounted {{{/altstorage}}} directory permissions such that Dovecot mail processes can't create directories under it (e.g. root:root 0755). This way if the alt storage isn't mounted for some reason, Dovecot won't think that all the messages in alt storage were deleted and lose their flags.

== Mailbox directory name ==

When using the default hierarchical layout, there is a potential for naming collisions between dbox's {{{dbox-Mails/}}} subdirectory and mail folders of the same name. For example, consider a mail folder "foo/bar". Under the default hierarchical layout, data about this mail folder would be stored at {{{~/mdbox/mailboxes/foo/bar/dbox-Mails/}}}.

If the user then tried to create a mail folder "foo/bar/dbox-Mails", this would then imply that data would be stored at {{{~/mdbox/mailboxes/foo/bar/dbox-Mails/dbox-Mails/}}}. But this would overlap the {{{dbox-Mails/}}} subdirectory of mail folder "foo/bar".

This may not be a problem in many installations, but if a risk of collisions with the default name "dbox-Mails" is perceived, then the {{{DIRNAME}}} parameter can be used. For example, if we specify mail location as:

mail_location = mdbox:~/mdbox:DIRNAME=DbOx-mAiLs

then this will make data for mail folders be stored in a subdirectory {{{DbOx-mAiLs/}}} instead of the default {{{dbox-Mails/}}}, so a mail folder "foo/bar" would have data stored at {{{~/mdbox/mailboxes/foo/bar/DbOx-mAiLs/}}}.

The value for {{{DIRNAME}}} should be chosen carefully so as to minimise the chances of clashing with mail folder names. In the example here, unusual upper/lower casing has been used.
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