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= Nologin extra field =

User isn't allowed to log in even if the password matches. Commonly used with [[PasswordDatabase/ExtraFields/Proxy|proxying]] and [[PasswordDatabase/ExtraFields/Host|login referrals]], but may also be used standalone. One way to use this would be perhaps:

 * {{{nologin=y}}}
 * `reason=System is being upgraded, please try again later.`

Unfortunately many clients don't show the reason to the user at all and just assume that the password was given wrong, so it might not be a good idea to use this unless the system will be down for days and you don't have a better way to notify the users.

Note: if you want to entirely block the user from logging in (i.e. account is suspended), with no IMAP referral information provided, you must ensure that neither {{{proxy}}} nor {{{host}}} are defined as one of the passdb extra fields. The order of preference is: {{{proxy}}}, {{{host}}}, then {{{nologin}}}.
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