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= Pigeonhole Sieve: Variables Extension =

The Sieve '''variables''' extension ([[|RFC5229]]) adds the concept of variables to the Sieve language.

= Configuration =

The '''variables''' extension is available by default. The '''variables''' extension has its own specific settings. The following settings can be configured for the '''variables''' extension (default values are indicated):

 sieve_variables_max_scope_size = 255 (v0.5.0+) :: The maximum number of variables that can be declared in a scope. There are currently two variable scopes: the normal script scope and the global scope created by the "include" extension. The minimum value for this setting is 128.

 sieve_variables_max_variable_size = 4k (v0.5.0+) :: The maximum allowed size for the value of a variable. If exceeded at runtime, the value is always truncated to the configured maximum. The minimum value for this setting is 4000 bytes. The value is in bytes, unless followed by a k(ilo).
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