This documentation is for Dovecot v2.x, see wiki1 for v1.x documentation.

Full text search indexing

The following FTS indexers (in preferred order) are supported:


By default the FTS indexes are updated only while searching, so neither the LDA nor an IMAP APPEND command updates the indexes immediately. This means that if user has received a lot of mail since the last indexing (== search operation), it may take a while to index all the mails before replying to the search command. Dovecot sends periodic "* OK Indexed n% of the mailbox" updates which can be caught by webmail implementations to implement a progress bar.

In v2.2.9+ the indexing can be done automatically with fts_autoindex=yes setting (see below).

The indexing can be done manually (e.g. cronjob) or by a LDA script by running:

Of course the INBOX needs to be replaced with whatever mailbox needs to be indexed.

Indexing Attachments (v2.1+)

Attachments can be indexed either via a script that translates the attachment to UTF-8 plaintext or Apache Tika server.

Rescan (v2.1+)

Since v2.1 Dovecot keeps track of indexed messages in the dovecot.index files. If this becomes out of sync with the actual FTS indexes (either too many or too few mails), you'll need to do a rescan:

doveadm fts rescan -u user@domain

Other Settings

All the FTS settings go inside plugin {}  section of 90-plugin.conf.

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