This documentation is for Dovecot v2.x, see wiki1 for v1.x documentation.
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= Upgrading Dovecot v2.1 to v2.2 =

v2.2 has a couple of changes to settings since v2.1:

 * doveadm_proxy_port setting renamed to doveadm_port (but the old exists still as an alias)
 * imapc_ssl_ca_dir and pop3c_ssl_ca_dir settings replaced by a common ssl_client_ca_dir

There are also some changes you should be aware of:

 * fts-solr no longer does "hard commits" to the Solr index for performance reasons. [[Plugins/FTS/Solr#Solr_commits_.26_optimization|You must do this manually once in a while]].
 * When creating home directories, the permissions are copied from the parent directory if it has setgid-bit set. For full details, see [[SharedMailboxes/Permissions]].
 * "doveadm auth" command was renamed to "doveadm auth test"
 * IMAP: ID command now advertises server name as Dovecot by default. It was already trivial to guess this from command replies.
 * LDA/LMTP: If saving a mail brings user from under quota to over quota, allow it based on quota_grace setting (default: 10% above quota limit).
 * pop3_lock_session=yes now uses a POP3-only dovecot-pop3-session.lock file instead of actually locking the mailbox (and causing IMAP/LDA/LMTP to wait for the POP3 session to close).
 * mail_shared_explicit_inbox setting's default switched to "no".
 * dsync isn't compatible with v2.1 protocol. (The new protocol will be compatible with future Dovecot versions.)
 * autocreate plugin is being deprecated and it will log warnings. Convert the configuration to [[MailboxSettings]] instead.

Downgrading can be done fully safely to v2.1.16.
 * v2.1.16 adds support for "attribute changes", which are used by URLAUTH command and dsync with ACLs and/or Sieve scripts. If none of these features are used, you can downgrade safely to v2.1.11.
  * The error message for these attribute changes is: {{{Log synchronization error at seq=..,offset=.. for .../dbox-Mails/dovecot.index: Unknown transaction record type 0x0}}}
 * v2.1.11 adds support for cache file changes. Older versions may think that the {{{dovecot.index.cache}}} files are corrupted and complain about "Invalid magic in hole header".
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