This documentation is for Dovecot v2.x, see wiki1 for v1.x documentation.
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 * [:UserDatabase/NSS:NSS]: Name Service Switch  * [:UserDatabase/NSS:NSS]: Name Service Switch (v1.1+)

User Databases

After user has been successfully authenticated, Dovecot looks up the user's userdb information. The userdb lookup is also done by [:LDA:deliver] to find out how to deliver mails for the user.

The user database lookup returns these fields:

The user and [:PasswordDatabase:password databases] may be same or they may be different depending on your needs. You can also have [:Authentication/MultipleDatabases:multiple databases].

Currently supported user databases are:

  • [:AuthDatabase/Passwd:Passwd]: System users (NSS, /etc/passwd, or similiar)

  • [:AuthDatabase/PasswdFile:Passwd-file]: /etc/passwd-like file in specified location

  • [:UserDatabase/NSS:NSS]: Name Service Switch (v1.1+)

  • [:AuthDatabase/LDAP:LDAP]: Lightweight Directory Access Protocol

  • [:AuthDatabase/SQL:SQL]: SQL database (PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite)

  • [:UserDatabase/Static:Static]: Userdb information generated from a given template

  • [:AuthDatabase/VPopMail:VPopMail]: External software used to handle virtual domains

  • [:UserDatabase/Prefetch:Prefetch]: This assumes that the passdb already returned also all the required user database information

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