This documentation is for Dovecot v2.x, see wiki1 for v1.x documentation.


Maildrop is available at

Although it is the default LDA for the courier mail server, it also works as a standalone LDA. The install script can even build an rpm package if you prefer to manage software that way. Maildrop can be used with sendmail as a drop-in replacement for procmail. It has better maildir support than procmail and it has filtering capability using syntax that looks a lot like shell script language with a little bit of perl thrown in.

To use maildrop with sendmail, make the following change in your file, then make etc.

dnl FEATURE(`local_procmail,', `procmail -t -Y -a $h -d $u')dnl
dnl # replace above line with below line to use maildrop instead of procmail
FEATURE(`local_procmail', `/usr/bin/maildrop', `maildrop -d $u')dnl

A default system wide configuration file for maildir style mailboxes might look like the following:

# file: /etc/maildroprc
# system-wide settings for maildrop

SENDMAIL="/usr/sbin/sendmail -oi -t"
logfile "/var/log/maildrop.log"


In the above configuration, the users should be a member of the same group and the group should have write privileges to the logfile.

To use maildrop with Postfix, take a look at

Dovecot Authentication extension for maildrop

Announced on the Dovecot's mailing list:

A patch for maildrop that would allow it to perform user lookups directly against Dovecot in a similar way how they are done by Dovecot's LDA deliver depending on used version of maildrop is available at the following locations:






2.3.0, 2.4.0-2.4.3, 2.5.0-2.5.4

When this patch is applied, maildrop will be extended with another command line option "-t", which can be used to specify the location of Dovecot's master auth socket that will be used when performing user lookups. There's a readme file (README.dovecotauth) together with patch with a little bit more information regarding the use of this extension.

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